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Armadillo Arms comes from a passion that I enjoy, to me a firearm is a work of brilliance and craftsmanship that takes a special mind to create. I try to mimic those traits and beliefs by doing the absolute best in all of my builds, designs and Cerakote creations. Customers come form all areas to get me to put a touch of creativity on there prize possession. Being a jack of all trades and some say a master of many… having an artistic view and talent helps me put unique and amazing patterns on peoples firearms etc…. That others just jaw drop over. At Armadillo we ride ourselves in customer service, and honesty and we also refuse to price gouge. I personally will never shop at a greedy store… piss on them. So if your ever in the area feel free to give us a call or drop in. when im not at work im at home in my store, where I do what I love and build for you. Stay safe, dont be greedy, care for your neighbors… and by god protect the ones you love.

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