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Store Policy

Instore / Online

Refunds  : store purchases, In house, online special orders,  and back ordered items are subject to a full refund minus all credit card fees. Delays in shipping, or inventory acquisition, is not in the control of Armadillo Arms. They are the result of demands, popularity, panic, pandemics, riots, and fear of consumers. Lack of patience on the consumers part will not be at the expense of Armadillo Arms and Machine. This is why all refunds will be minus credit card fees, no exceptions.

Gunsmithing / Cerakote

All gunsmithing work has a guarantee of functionality. If there is a problem with work or repairs, it is repaired again unless any new parts or conditions are not found. This will be at the owners expense. If it’s a problem with the original repair ticket, we guarantee our work 100%.

All Cerakote finishes are guaranteed high quality or it will be recoated at the expense of Armadillo Arms and Machine.

Left Items

Items left over 90 days from notification will become the property of Armadillo Arms and Machine, unless other arrangements are made and subject to resale to offset costs of storage, or repair.


We strive for excellent customer service; we refuse to overprice items and play the “greedy gouge game.”

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