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General Rifle Repair/Clean Inspect. -  $75/hr

Rifle Machining (drilling, tapping, threading, etc) -   $110/hr


Rifle Trigger Work (bolt action, semi-auto). -  $175


Rifle Trigger Work (lever action). -  $210


Rifle Install Timney Style Aftermarket Trigger Pack
*Trigger not included. -  $75


Rifle Install Aftermarket Trigger Shoe
*Trigger shoe sold separately. -  

Rifle Reface and Crown Barrel.  -  $75


Rifle Jeweling (bolt only)
*Magazine Follower ($37.50 per Follower). -  $110


Rifle Bolt Handle Bend and Polish (Military style) -   $90


Rifle Install Tactical Bolt Knob. -  $90


Rifle Barrel Installation (bolt action)(POR by model)Rifle Barrel Re-Chambering (select models)(POR by model)Rifle Barrel Inspection (bore scope). -  $75


Rifle Perform Chamber Cast$60Rifle Cut Extractor Slot in Barrel. -  $110


Rifle Install Sling Eyelet in Stock  -  $35

Rifle Solder on Style Front Sling Eyelet (will require reblue)
*Swivel not included. -  


Rifle Suppressor Alignment Rod Check. -  $40


Rifle Recoil Pad Installation (does not include custom length)
*pad & spacers sold separately. -  


Rifle Glass Bedding of Action. -  $110


Rifle Free Float Barrel Channel. -  $75


Rifle Pillar Bedding (select model)(POR by model)Rifle Install OEM Replacement Stock. -  $75/hr


Rifle Bore Sighting. -  $35


Rifle Scope Installation - including bore sighting
(with customer supplied mount, rings and scope). -  


Rifle Scope Ring Lapping. -  $75


Rifle Gas System Regulation (with or without suppressor)  -  $75 and up (POR by model)


Rifle Custom Muzzle Brake Installation
*Threaded and brake contoured to barrel (reblue may be required) -  

and up (POR by model)


Rifle AR/AK style brake installed on pre threaded barrel -   $45


Rifle Install Custom Parts on AR/AK Style Rifles
(stocks, hand guards, gas blocks, tubes, lower parts, barrels, etc). -  
$75 and up (POR by model)

  1. Firearms left 90 days past work completion become the property of AAM.

  2. All repairs are performed in the order they are received.

  3. Exceptions might be made at the sole discretion of AAM, be aware that exceptions are expensive.

  4. Work delay clause in effect.

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