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Armadillo Arms and Machine specializes in all aspects of Pistol repair, performance and restoration. We currently perform Pistol work for many of the country’s top shooters, collectors and handgun enthusiasts. From performance upgrades for competition shooters and CCW owners to restoration and repair work for some of the today’s top pistol brands . We are confident our team can help with any Pistol work or project you may need. Below you will find many different Pistol services and jobs Armadillo Arms offers.


General Pistol Repair / Clean & Inspect. -  $75/hr

Pistol Machining (Drilling, Tapping, Porting, Etc.). -  $110/hr

Pistol Trigger Work (Semi-Auto). -  $160

Pistol Trigger Work (Revolver).  -  $210

Pistol Barrel Fitting. -  $75/hr

Pistol Barrel Ramp Polish  -  $45

Pistol Barrel Hood Fluting (Select Models). -  $70

Pistol Barrel Fluting. -  $110/hr

Pistol Barrel Hood jeweling. -  $45

Pistol Barrel jeweling Complete. -  $110

Pistol Barrel Crowning. -  $45

Pistol Personalization. -  $75/hr

Pistol Sight Installation. -  $70

Pistol Front Sight Milling. -  $75/hr

Pistol Undercut Trigger Guard (Polymer Frames Only). -  $75

Pistol Frame Stippling (Tree Bark) -   $150

Pistol Frame Stippling (Shark Skin). -  $150

Pistol Frame Stippling (Starburst). -   $150

Pistol VIP Package (Very Important Pistol) - Semi-Auto   -  $225

Pistol VIRP Package (Very Important Revolver Pistol) - Revolver. -  $279

  1. Firearms left 90 days past work completion become the property of AAM.

  2. All repairs are performed in the order they are received.

  3. Exceptions might be made at the sole discretion of AAM, be aware that exceptions are expensive.

  4. Work delay clause in effect.

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